wanna fall into your super love, yeah my heart never wants it to stop, please save me. [x]


A new reference was created for to help untangle the braiding process! http://cgcookie.com/concept/2014/02/10/exercise-braiding/

my entry to the DoA 5 costume contest. i hope i am one of the winners because Rig has like hardly no cute outfits aside from his halloween one and his casual one. #justiceformybaby


A mouth-watering fuck-ton of hand references.

[From various sources]


i jumped on the ssx hairstyle bandwagon and cranked out 9 for eve. 

aka yung m0odswingz


Luchini pourin from the sky lets get rich, what?!


*shakes booty meat on the other side of a glass window where you can’t touch*


I kinda wish it was bigger but *shrugs* still cute


My first time doing anything like this. I hope it helps!

((Yes, I know it’s got severe Tumblr Nose. That was how I drew noses then and this was to show how I drew noses. Some people like it, some people loathe it.))



Im gone across the Delta…

3 more character profiles added from my novel Chaot!c. 3 more to go. 

turn down for wut tho?