important for any artist

now i turnt up in the club on some boss shit.
i done turned the whole club to a mosh pit. [x]

there’s a battle in the club in my novel Chaot!c and i wanted to illustrate the stand off. so…i did. 

ended up making his cardigan cloak thing black when it became apparent that Rig looked like the next DMC Dante. 

i tried, at least. 

and im drunk



Idk if I want his grim reaper outfit to have combat boots or stylish ass high tops.


Let me know if you have questions!!!

remade my Dead or Alive 5 OC for the hell of it. idk i guess her tag partner would be Rig or Marie Rose. haven’t thought that far ahead yet.


ok so this halloween contest, which idea should i do?

1. Rapper Rig?
2. Mad Scientist Rig?
3. Grim Reaper Rig?
4. Serial Killer Rig?


Another splendid fuck-ton of clothing references (per request).

Someone scanned this from a book called “Drawing Yaoi.”