commission for mutedhowl

i really don’t have much commentary for this one. i enjoyed drawing Twitch tho. #pinstrapesaresexy 


i had T.I’s freestyle over hot nigga on repeat so i drew my favorite little fuck boys. so cute. 


*paying attention in class*

late photoshop doodle of my OC dante and whatnot.

commission for hip-hopaintdead 

he asked for a picture of his OC angelita and my baby hector just chillin around and what not, having deep conversations about religion and life and things like that since hector’s pretty much a drug dealing philosopher. so yuh. 

I quit art about 3 years ago because I was such a perfectionist that it killed the fun out of it. I just want to let you know your blog helped me realize again how fun it can be and I've slowly started back up again. Seriously, thank you.

oh my god, i am seriously touched right now. no, thank you. i would have never guessed i would have an impact on someones life in this way that didn’t involve sexual intercourse and i just can’t right now. 

drawing can be very fun, i have fun doing it and im glad you’re getting back into it. don’t try to think so hard when drawing, it’s not a race, no ones going to harm you if it’s not perfect. just keep doing it cause you love it and the love will show up on paper 



you go glenn coco! 




important for any artist

now i turnt up in the club on some boss shit.
i done turned the whole club to a mosh pit. [x]

there’s a battle in the club in my novel Chaot!c and i wanted to illustrate the stand off. so…i did.