my entry to the DoA 5 costume contest. i hope i am one of the winners because Rig has like hardly no cute outfits aside from his halloween one and his casual one. #justiceformybaby


A mouth-watering fuck-ton of hand references.

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i jumped on the ssx hairstyle bandwagon and cranked out 9 for eve. 

aka yung m0odswingz


Luchini pourin from the sky lets get rich, what?!


*shakes booty meat on the other side of a glass window where you can’t touch*


I kinda wish it was bigger but *shrugs* still cute


My first time doing anything like this. I hope it helps!

((Yes, I know it’s got severe Tumblr Nose. That was how I drew noses then and this was to show how I drew noses. Some people like it, some people loathe it.))



Im gone across the Delta…

3 more character profiles added from my novel Chaot!c. 3 more to go. 

turn down for wut tho? 


OK SO. My headcannon for Dragon Age is a tad bit different as far as the origins go. I’m kinda obsessed with the relationship I created for my Warden, Hawke and Inquisitor who here’s what I got for their background stories and how they’re connect. 

My Inquisitor, Marcus, is the cousin of Maeve (My Warden) and Marlone Amell (Hawke). Coming from a tight knit and wealthy family, the three were always together growing up. They did everything together from having the same sleeping pattern, to going on adventures, to even bathing together. Marcus was the oldest, Maeve was a year younger and Marlone was the younger by 2 years. In their early teens Maeve was sent to the Circle after being revealed to be an apostate, something that the family kept secret from the outside world in fear of a scandal. Marlone’s family had moved away as well in fear that Bethany would be taken as well. The threesome stayed in touch by letters. When Marlone and Marcus both had joined the army, they made it a habit to visit more and to write frequently. 

Maeve became a Grey Warden, and began to assist the King of Ferelden, though would not confirm if they were or weren’t lovers. After slaying the Archedemon, she was known as the “Hero of Ferelden”. Marlone had joined an Assassin’s Guild receiving the codename “Hawk” and later becoming the “Champion of Kirkwall” Not to mention Marlone seemed to be at the heart of the destruction of the Chantry. 

By this point there wasn’t much of their family left. Maeve could never have children and Marlone couldn’t be taken serious enough to even think about raising a child, not to mention he was just as promiscuous as his on/off girlfriend, so no telling what was going on with his linage. 

 By this point communication became scarce. Marcus went months without hearing anything from his family. He waited. He always had the stronger will and patience out of the three of them. Maeve hadn’t sent anything and of course Marlone didn’t, who had obviously gone into hiding but one day, a letter came. 

It was a letter sent by a Hawk. The letter was written in ill tone, stating that his last remaining family members had went missing. He didn’t recognize the handwriting, it didn’t say who had sent it but Marcus knew what he had to do and with the Mage/Templar war going on, the sky opening up and the Fade seeping into the Real World, he was to find himself to be one of the only people to get everything back on track.